Access control is used to limit the movements of unauthorised persons to sensitive or restricted areas of your premises. These include stock rooms, IT rooms, warehouse areas, manager’s office, cash office etc. The most basic form of access control is a lock and key. However it is not always convenient to physically unlock a door each time you need access and also, keys can be easily be copied.

Digital keypad that requires a code to be entered is an option that eliminates the use of a physical key.

Other types of systems include:
• A swipe card – contains information identifying each specific user.
• Proximity fobs work on the same basis.
• Biometric systems use fingerprint or iris recognition technology to restrict access.
• Entry-level intercom systems allow audio communication between the outside call panel and internal handset. Where extra reassurance is required our video systems display an image of the caller on the internal handset. When the caller has identified themselves as genuine, it is possible to let them in by pressing the lock release button on the handset which will operate an optional electric lock fitted to the main entrance door.

Our systems can track people through your premises in real time – plus you have the added advantage of restricting access to certain individuals at certain times.

All this can be done at the touch of a button and provides a comprehensive log of events for the user.

We supply and install various types of gate automation for both domestic and commercial uses. All our systems are individually designed to suit our client’s needs, using only the highest quality products ensuring our systems operate to the highest level of efficiency, with a guaranteed long lasting lifespan.