We can carry out a risk assessment of your property, advising you of how best to protect yourself and what ‘Grade’ of Fire alarm is required.

Under the Fire Standard I.S-3218:2013, it is a legal requirement for all fire alarms to be installed & maintained at regular intervals by qualified personnel.

Fire alarms are the earliest possible warnings of a fire which can help to save lives; therefore the correct installation and adherence to industry regulations is vital. With Rath Security Systems, you can be assured of expertise in the consultation, installation, and commissioning of Fire Alarms to the industry standards I.S. 3218.

Occupants of a building are alerted to a fire by means of sounders and visual indicators, enabling them to leave the premises in safety. Information from manual call points (breakglass), and detectors (smoke, heat etc.) is fed to a Control Panel. The output from the control panel may then activate alarm bells, flashing lights and also operate ancillary equipment such as door release units. For rapid identification of the fire source, detectors and manual call points are arranged in zones, and indicated by lights or text descriptions on the control panel. The Fire Alarm can be linked to a monitoring station, thereby alerting keyholders and the Fire Service in the event of a fire.
The amount of detectors you will require depends on the size of the building, but it also depends on the type of business, and the level of detection required.

To obtain a Fire Certificate for any new Commercial Building it is a necessity to have a Fire Alarm System fitted to the relevant standards (IS 3218). This very comprehensive standard covers Life Protection to varying levels (L1, L2, L3, L4).
To clarify what type of system your premises requires, please contact us for a consultation.

Our fire alarm systems use both heat and smoke detectors which help to provide the earliest possible warning of a fire. We cater for every size of premises from a small office to a large factory. These systems are available in both conventional and addressable options.

Our fire alarm systems come with a service and maintenance agreement so that your system is fully tested and checked by our experienced fire engineers to ensure it is operating correctly.

Regardless of what type of fire alarm system you choose it is important to have a fire evacuation procedure and for it to be regularly practiced at your premises. We would be pleased to help and advise on this or any other aspect of fire safety.